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Mike Dillinger, PhD
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We help our clients troubleshoot and optimize their industrial-scale writing and translation processes for more effective Content Management.

We solve problems with Translation Processes

   We pinpoint your translation issues and identify effective solutions by analyzing how you develop, translate, and deliver content. Then we develop a roadmap for optimizing translation processes in your environment.
What kinds of translation problems?
We solve problems with Technical Writing

   We pinpoint the issues that your writers are facing and identify effective solutions. Simpler, more consistent writing has huge benefits for translation and customer satisfaction but it is often difficult to execute consistenly.
What kinds of writing problems?

We develop and customize
Machine Translation

   We develop quickly and effectively the custom dictionaries, grammar components, and quality control processes that you need to get the most out of machine translation in your environment.
What kinds of MT problems?

We improve Business Strategy and Product Development for Language Technology Providers

   We use in-depth competetive and strategic analysis to help you identify markets and partners, prioritize development, deploy tools, and develop proposals for investors and funding agencies.
What kinds of strategic problems?

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